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Vertex® Pipette Tips were developed following extensive research to provide users with a high degree of fluid confidence and control while pipetting.

Internal studies have indicated these tips provide less fluid retention and less sample loss.

Vertex Pipette Tips

·       Low-Retention Tips

·       Vertex Value Tips

·       Vertex-GL Gel-Loading Tips

·       Multi-Volume XL Tips

Vertex EcoPac Systems

·       EcoPac Cleanroom

·       EcoPac Benchtop

Specialty Tips

·       Large Orifice Tips

·       Macro Volume Tips

·       Robotic Tips

Filtered Tips

Vertex Filtered Pipette Tips offer an extra level of protection, confidence, and control by providing a barrier between the nose cone of the pipettor and the sample.

Advantages of the Vertex Filter Membrane:

  • Manufactured from high-density, inert polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Contains no additives that can contaminate samples if encountered.
  • Provides a barrier against contamination, but will not impede airflow.
  • Hydrophobic properties prevent absorption of samples.