About us

Onelab was founded in 2017 to meet the growing needs of New Zealand customers in the research, clinical, and manufacturing space.

As demands for final product testing and cost savings increase in the manufacturing space, and the continued advancements in speed, accuracy and high throughput drives our research industry, the need for high quality, well supported products are imperative to success. “results matter” was born of these values. 

Onelab offers a range of products from consumables through to premium instrumentation, to customers involved in the laboratory and manufacturing space. The company is 100% New Zealand owned and lives by these values:

  • Passionate people with the right expertise
  • Providing the best fit-for-purpose products available globally
  • Adding value to our customers in every interaction
  • Symbiotic and sustainable relationships with our customers and suppliers

At Onelab we recognise that our customers need to rely on us, and that we can’t let them down. Therefore, we focus our efforts on our strong collaboration with our employees, customers and suppliers, in an environmentally and economically sustainable way. We are shaping a strong future for both our company and our customers, for the long term.