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AFS - Ultra-trace determinations of Hg in gas samples – PS Analytical

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An Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometer with an integrated gold trap for the determination of mercury in gases at ultra-trace levels.

The system utilises a low-pressure Hg lamp excitation source with detection by photomultiplier.

The PSA Sir Galahad is suitable for both routine and research applications using atomic fluorescence and a gold-coated AmasilTM adsorption/desorption system, mercury can be determined at levels below to 0.2 picogram. The PSA Sir Galahad can be used as an online monitor in the “continuous” mode, or can analyse remotely collected samples using the “static” mode.

The system is fully portable and can be operated with a laptop computer.

Applications include:

·         ambient air monitoring,

·         stack emission testing,

·         natural gas monitoring,

·         and industrial gases.