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Conviron is a world leader in the design and manufacture of plant growth chambers for plant science and agricultural biotechnology research. Conviron growth chambers feature precise control of temperature, light, humidity and other environmental parameters all within flexible and space-efficient designs.

Each base chamber comes in two sizes and can be kit fitted to meet your application (Tall Plant, Short Plant, Seed Storage, Tissue Culture, and Incubation). Furthermore, all chambers are highly configurable and available with engineered modifications. For further information contact us via the link above. 

Tall Plant Kit: The tall plant kit includes a barriered
canopy that removes lamp heat and exhausts it to ambient, allowing for
high light intensity and uniformity. Uniform upward airflow helps
provide ideal plant growth conditions.

Short Plant Kit: Designed for smaller plants such as Arabidopsis,
the short plant kit maximizes efficiency by providing two fully-usable
growth areas with separate lamp canopies. With the horizontal airflow
design, shelves can be loaded to capacity without obstructing airflow.

Tissue Culture Kit: Designed specifically for tissue
culture applications, this unique configuration reduces condensation on
research specimens by delivering precisely controlled vertical airflow
to each independently lit and thermally broken tier.

Incubation Kit: Created for the incubation of plantlets
and insects, this kit provides maximum flexibility with removable and
adjustable lamp fixtures and shelves. Additional shelves and lighting
are available.

For larger scale, higher throughput applications that demand uniformity of environmental conditions throughout a larger growth space we offer walk-in plant growth rooms and full-scale, high performance research greenhouses. Contact us for more information.

Conviron has a global reputation within the plant science community for its leadership in controlled environment systems.