AUG 10 2018

Tip box waste a landfill headache? We have a solution, and it is recycled in New Zealand!

10 AUGUST 2018

Rainin, part of METTLER TOLEDO, has introduced 100% recyclable pipette tip packaging.

Onelab is commited to introducing more sustainable product options into our laboratories in New Zealand.  

To do our part, and support your efforts to look after New Zealand too, Onelab is offering the TerraRack at a price less than our traditional racked tip.  

Less Weight, Less Waste, 100% Recyclable

  1. TerraRack is a revolutionary new concept in tip racks. Sturdy as conventional racks, yet made with less than half the plastic and completely recyclable. In fact, the hinged TerraRack shell is made from PETE, which is easily recycled and in high demand. 
  2. Single-use and non-refillable, TerraRacks can be used independently or with a reusable TerraBase for added support and stability. 
  3. For complete convenience and cleanliness, all TerraRacks are pre-sterilized, eliminating the need to autoclave (TerraRacks are not autoclavable).
  4. TerraRack is available in LTS and universal-fit tips.

For more info, please request info from

To see more information and ordering codes please click here:  TerraRack by Rainin