APR 23 2018

Onelab working with Andrew Alliance from Switzerland

23 APRIL 2018

Andrew, the liquid handling robot that uses conventional laboratory pipettes

Better Pipetting: Better Data, Better Science

Andrew is a novel liquid handler that enhances the reproducibility and the efficiency of a laboratory.  Simply, it assists scientists with fully unattended automated pipetting. Explore without prejudices the most obvious solution to get reproducible data – and try our software for free. Then, transition from painful and time-consuming manual pipetting to error-free and easily programmable robotics.


Better pipetting means better data. And better data means better Science. Automated pipetting eliminates human error, fatigue, people training – resulting in more reliable data and also minimizing the need of replicates and redundant work.

Time is money

Biologists spend two hours per day doing liquid handling. Andrew can run in parallel for hours on end, accurately executing pipetting when humans simply cannot. Just the work time saved by Andrew enables the system to pay for itself in less than a year!

People Health

Pipetting requires repetitive movements (up to 500 times per day for the average user) that can lead to musculo-skeletal disorders.
Also, what’s the value in pipetting hazardous materials, with the risk of a possible exposure?

One solution, many benefits.

Andrew weighs only 10 kg and has a footprint corresponding to a standard sheet of paper, so it can be integrated in your laboratory within minutes. You can put our liquid handler on your workbench, under a hood, inside a cabinet and even in a refrigerator at 4°C.
The flexible working deck, known as DOMINO™, allows our liquid handling robot to perform small to complex experiments.
You can use up to 10 microplates, 150 microtubes, or 100 tubes, or any mixture of the different consumables you already have (including your current tips).

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