MAY 15 2020

Onelab distributing Tecan Automation systems into NZ and the Pacific Islands

15 MAY 2020

We are proud to announce we are now the distributor for Tecan for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. 

Onelab has taken over all sales of the Tecan Life Science Business, including the Automation platforms Freedom EVO® & Fluent®, Microplate readers Spark® Cyto, Spark®, the Infinite® series, Infinite® F50 & Sunrise™; Strip and plate washers HydroFlex™ & Hydrospeed™ and Blot processors ProfiBlot™; D300e Digital Dispenser; Tecan-SP solid phase extraction positive pressure manifolds, sorbents and columns as well as consumables including disposable tips, cell culture plates & D300e cassettes.

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