JUL 01 2019

NZ's Supreme Award winning restaurant purchases a Buchi R-300 Rotavap

01 JULY 2019

Ed Verner’s Pasture has taken out the Supreme Award for the New Zealand best restaurant of the Year 2019, as well as winning Best New Zealand Chef in the same awards! Pasture has recently taken delivery of a Buchi R-300 Rotavap from Onelab.

Pasture is a six-seat restaurant in Parnell, Auckland specialising in a tasting menu curated for the season. Ed wanted a Rotary Evaporator as a value add for the taste & flavour experience at Pasture. Ed will be utilising it to make flavour extracts and concentrates that will enhance the flavours of the food as well as using it for making unique alcoholic beverages.

Ed chose to purchase a Buchi R-300 from Onelab because he “knew all the greats looked up to it”. He knows Buchi is the gold standard and trusted he would be well looked after by Onelab.

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