OCT 02 2018

Mespresso from BioTool Switzerland - installed in NZ

02 OCTOBER 2018

Mespresso media preparator installed in NZ: for media sterilization in just 7mins!

Onelab has just delivered its first Mespresso into the NZ market, to Plant and Food.  Mespresso can be installed anywhere, all you need is an electrical socket.  It’s a rapid option, owing to the Microwave technology, which means the melting of the liquid media takes only a short time – as short as it takes to have a cup of coffee – just 7mins sterilization time.


Liquid media such as microbiological media, buffer solutions, carbohydrate solutions or water can be sterilized in a standard lab vessels of 100-500ml capacity and temperature resistant up to 135oC (glass or plastic – PMP, PP, PTFE, FEP)

 Plant and Food are very happy with the Mespresso – it fills a gap where fast, convenient media prep is required.

Link to Biotools Mespresso

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